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TAG! State fifteen facts about yourself then pass it on to the nicest fifteen people on tumblr!
  1. I’m not 15.
  2. I like pizza.
  3. I like cats.
  4. My favorite band is Two Door Cinema Club.
  5. I travel… A LOT.
  6. I’m really, really, REALLY shy and I always feel like I’m bothering people.
  7. I had only one pet my entire life. It was an unnamed Beta fish that I had for like 2 years. It died when I went on vacation when I was like, 7 and I cried… 
  8. Before it died, my brother tried to put it into one of these lamps. http://tecsol.com.au/wwweb/images/T-MBL.jpg It fell out and sat on a desk for about 2 minutes before I was screaming and crying for someone to save it. My mom came in (while talking on the phone) and picked it up and plopped it back into it’s tank. Also, another time I tried to carry it’s small tank to the bottom shelf of the bookshelf that was next to where I was sleeping on the floor in my parent’s bedroom when we had guests staying in my room and I spilled most of the water everywhere.
  9. My fish lived a wealthy life. It had an entire 2 ft. aquarium to itself with a castle and it would sleep in a hole in the bottom of the castle. 
  10. That’s the last fact about my fish instead of me.
  11. I only have like five friends. Three of them are really close to me, and only one friend that I can trust with me life.
  12. I’ve never eaten a strawberry.
  13. I am terrified of sharks. Just looking at pictures of them freak me out.
  14. I skipped a grade in high school.
  15. I’m not forwarding this to 15 people because I’m lazy.

the9thwordslinger answered your question: What are some good songs?

Soundtracks: Thor, Pirates of the Carribean (1), Doctor Who (Series 4, The Specials is my top), and The Avengers. Hope you enjoy!

It’s like you know me. I love the Iron Man soundtracks, I ought to give the other Marvel movies a try.

tumbletower answered your question: What are some good songs?

Dance in the Graveyards, Delta Rae; Anna Sun, WALK THE MOON; Sleeps Alone, Two Door Cinema Club; Shake, Shake, Shake, Bronze Radio Return.

Two Door is my all time favorite band, and I love Walk The Moon! I’ll take a look at the other songs too, thanks! :)

have you heard of tezzeract?

Have you heard of air?

When you’re comparing homework answers with someone and your answers are completely different.