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I think a hockey player died under my bed during fall break… .

Good morning. It’s game game day!

Opening night for the boys!

It’s fall break. 

This is me relaxing.

It’s official! #27

Someone buy my a 3DS pls. 

I’m not freaking out. 

I promise I’m not freaking out. 

I was tagged by straynymph!

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I tag: 2consentingbicyclerepairmen and niv-mizzle Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks

*friend passive aggressively tries to get me to come out*

I’M NOT EVEN GAY… . I don’t think.

Niv-mizzle wanted to know 15 things that make me happy.

1. Hockey

2. Pizza

3. My parents

4. Cats

5. My ukulele Steven

6. My best friend

7. My favorite movie

8. Good music

9. Cute boys

10. Halloween

11. Fall

12. Camping

13. Beautiful scenery

14. Quality cuddle time

15. Gummy bears

I don’t really feel like tagging anyone, because I always tag the same 3 people and that’s boring. 


Ayyyeeee. I look like a chipmunk.

I just died and went to heaven. 😍

"When you’re ready come and get it."

Selfie Squad

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